The Skincare Tool You Need

Beauty / Wednesday, December 20th, 2017
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Skincare isĀ the best thing in my book. From trying out new cleansers to seeing which mask tingles more, it’s beautiful. We all have skincare concerns, whether it be acne or aging, that we want to address. Usually, we complicate it by listing to so many different people and sources when really they’re all saying the same thing.
Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize, Protect.
Seriously go to any beauty counter or store and pick up any kitĀ there’s always a cleanser,Ā  moisturizer a treatment and sunscreen. That’s all you need honesty, but which one is the most important and where does it fit in with all the other products??
That where this trusty pyramid comes in to play. So let’s get started..
The most important thing is to protect your skin. The sun and environmentalĀ pollution are a big contributor to rapid aging signs and even dark spots. So you need to protect against all that theĀ best way to get rid of skin flaws is to prevent them.
The nextĀ item is your treatment. You need to fix and repair all the damage that was caused by life and not following step 1, protect.Ā  This is very important if you are seeing signs of aging or acne, dark spots basically anything you don’t like with your skin this is where you fix it!
Moisturize is the next step its helps protect the skin and gives it the nutrients needed to be strong and give you an amazing glow.
Lastly is the cleanser. I know you’re wondering why is cleanser last? Because it doesn’t really do anything but clean your skin. As long as you’re getting all your oil and makeup off it’s a good cleanser. Granted you want to make sure there’s some sort of treatment and that it’s not too harsh for your skin. But I’ve had better results from clean and clear than Bosica and Peter Thomas Roth. So it doesn’t matter because you’re washing away any treatmentĀ that might have been in there anyway.
So there’s my list did any of it surprise you? What rank do youĀ put yours in? Tell me in the comments!

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